Dejligt vejr

Er vejret ikke bare dejligt? Sol sol og atter sol. Det minder mig om at jeg skal huske at se om mine solprodukter stadig er holdbare. Hvis dine produkter ikke er friske nok, kan jeg varmt anbefale at kigge på Der er masser af gode solprodukter.

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Forår i luften

Så er det forår i Danmark. Solæen skinner, varmen luner os alle. Solen minder os også om at kontrollere om vores solbeskyttelsesprodukter er bleget for gamle i løbet af vinterten. De færreste tænker over at solprodukter kan blive for gamle. Men det kan de. Der er en god grund til at der er påtrykt en produktions, eller udlæbsdato på alle produkterne. Straks produkterne forlader fabrikken, begynder en nedbrydelsesprocess, hvor de aktive stoffer gradvist mister deres evne til at beskytte din hud. Det kan ikke ses, ikke duftes, ikke mærkes. Og det snyder mange.

Er din solbeskyttelse blevet for gammel, så tjek og se det store udvalg af solprodukter.

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Helseklubben is the danish word for health club. It is also the place im gonna launch my improved webshop soon. Do you think its ok to host an english page, on a danish domain?

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Want a prosperous summer?

Why not take a look at the danish hompage at If you like what you see, be aware these products are available in 26 countries around the world. Still not in the US. Do you want to help introduce us to the US? Be the first in this MLM company in the US/canada region?

Contact me then. It will be fun working together.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a perfect partner i a cold climate. It contains so many good things for you, acemannan, vitamins, minerals etc, that many people wont live without it. Kids love to drink it, because it tates good, and they want to stay healthy.

Best thing is its available at for everyone.

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multilevel marketing and social media

Traditionally Multi Level Marketing has been a matter of word of mouth. With media like Facebook and Twitter, it has bcome easier than ever to connect to potential entrepreneurs.

Personally imlearning the ropes, and using social media myself, i am learning firsthand how powerful this media is.

Want to know more? Connect to helseklubben and ask.

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Forget about 2011, it’s all about 2012

Got disapponting results in 2011, then look for changes in 2012. Deciding which MLM to work with is the first step. Look at should be your first step. We offer a great compensation plan, the best products, and a professional company to back us up. Take a look, and call me.

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A healthy body for your healthy soul

Having a sane mind is not enough to live the good life. Why not combine taking care of your body, with taking care of a foundation for the good life. At you can see a variety of products available via multi level marketing. You heard it before, i know. But this company is really different. The products are certified by the best, and proven to have an effect. The compensation plan is among the best in the business. Take a look for yourself.

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Traditionally new years eve is the time for making promis to do better. My promise for 2012 is to work harder on helseklubben as a concept. To tie it to my shop, and to use social media the best i can.

What is you promise?

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Remember, Christmas is a time of fat food, candy and booze. Be sure to limit your intake to only pleasure your senses. Dont overdo it. Talk to you later.

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